I crave for the Sun and its warmth all year long and that’s why every time I try to pen down anything on nature, it just has to start with the Sun smiling, gleeful and happy; It’s like nothing else will ever do! Unremitting for some, but for me it’s a style I just can’t seem to get rid of ;-)… Written for my dearest son for his summer break!

The sun looked up this morning and smiled at me

A dazzling smile that filled me with desires and glee

Sunny days and summer showers are around the corner

And so are mirthful days for me and my allies.


The blue sky and green trees are always so warm

They help us make stories and treasure them for long

Stories of love and friendship of little men

Stories of their buoyant dance, play, and song.


Little man I am and I love to play

And cherish the sprinkles of summer on my face

It tickles my nose and it makes me think,

What else, can make my summer tale more inspiring?


Budding man I am and I take a vow

To twist my summer chronicles this year round

To play in the sunshine and dance in the rain

And read some books and smudge some paint

So the days to come will be fun, yet sane!

Sujata Sharma

An avid reader and a writer, I thrive on my linguistic skills. My ability to write just about anything is what I showcase here!

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