It has been one week already and I am simply loving it! Why? For a lot of reasons but primarily because finally, in 35 years of my life, I love going to the gym. Today I can tell you confidently that my gym phobia was all due to cardio- running on the treadmill mindlessly for 30 minutes and still not seeing any results simply drove me crazy.

So, have I seen any results in my new workout regime in just a week? Actually, yes! Tini-mini-miny-bit, but yes! My body is changing and the measurements say so. At this point of time, I would also like to confess that I missed gym for two days this week and have not been able to stick to my allotted macros completely. I have exceeded it a little bit everyday! Also, my workout postures were not complete due to the onset muscle soreness that happens in the first few days of exercising!

In addition to all this, my birthday on the 3rd day and a family shopping expedition on the 5th day also played a spoiler in the otherwise planned schedule!

Good habits are difficult to form I guess 😉 .

How Does This Regime Work:

So, here is how it works! I have been allotted 1400 calories per day in whatever I eat! I need to burn more calories than that through my weight training. Now, how does weight training help me achieve my goals better than cardio? Cardio helps you burn calories when you are sweating it out on that treadmill. But as soon as you stop running, your calorie burn stops there. Whereas in weight training you burn calories then and continue to burn fat in the background for 48 hours after your workout. Great, isn’t it? Also, weight training helps you to tone up your muscles whereas cardio leaves you with loose skin. Reference link:

My personal realization, in just one week, is that, weight training makes your body stronger! My legs have always been a problem, heavy and weak! But just in one week of lower body training, I can feel the difference! I will be able to define it better in days to come!

Lower Body Training Regime

Here’s my leg training routine:

Day 2 ,Day 4 and Day 6- Lower Body
Dumbbell Squats3 sets – 10 – 15 reps
Walking Lunges3 sets – 20 steps
Leg curls with Dumbbell3 sets – 10 – 15 reps
Leg Extensions with Dumbbell3 sets – 10 – 15 reps
Dumbbell Hip Thrust3 sets – 10 – 15 reps
Standing Calf Raise3 sets – 10 – 15 reps
Cable Crunch 3 sets – 15-20 reps
Side planks3 sets -hold  30 – 60 secs

My favorites are, leg curls with dumbbells and leg extensions with dumbbells. Easy to repeat but tough on the legs.

My Diet

My diet remains the same as I had shared in my last post, with the addition of almonds and dates for snacking (all within the desired macros).

Stats Day 1Week 1
Weight153 lbs151 lbs
Waist36 inches36 inches
Hips 45 inches45 inches
Arms12.5 inches11.5 inches
Tighs21 inches23 inches


Finally, it’s time for the results! Here’s how my end of the week body stats look:

Not too much of a change in numbers but a lot stronger and a lot more active. Afternoon naps are already out of the picture and now my focus is on getting up early and staying active for the rest of the day! Hoping that too shall come through!

That’s all for now! Will be back next week with a newer me 🙂

P.S: The diet and the exercises have been designed keeping my BMI and health issues in mind by a certified nutritionist and trainer. Please consult a certified practitioner before starting your expedition towards a healthy life!

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