This is it, dads! Someone will soon call you ‘dada’ or ‘papa’, and that someone will be your child. Imagine how cool that is! It would be even cooler to share the journey with your wife by helping them with this exciting task. What parenting books for dads won’t tell you, however, is how personal and overwhelming this process can get. I have seen people listing on their registry, things of absolutely no use for the baby, and we really don’t want to be hoarders now, do we? Here’s a mini guide to planning a baby shower registry so you can skip the long reads but still have all the baby essentials.

Right Time to Start

Planning a baby shower registry should usually start when your wife is 12 weeks pregnant. As a last-minute person, I was quite shocked by the need to register so early but boy, was it helpful! It will give you quite a lot of time to research (read: wade through) the ocean of brands and list what suits your need. Another option is to start after knowing the gender if you want it to be gender-centric.

What to Include

We had to include items that were absolutely necessary but also within budgets of friends and family (otherwise we’d end up getting random things anyway!) Here is a baby registry checklist to get the ball rolling:

•    Diapers, wipes and a bag: You would need a lot of diapers and of different sizes as they grow quickly. Purchasing a diaper bag will help you while you travel. 

•    Stroller: A basic safe stroller is ideal, but if you fancy one of those futuristic ones with, I don’t know, turbojets, then stick that on the list too. 

•    Clothes: Onesies, tees, trousers, socks will be gifted to you by your family and friends in plenty. Who can resist buying a cute baby outfit? Not me!

•    Bottles and breast pumps: These will help your wife get some time off from breastfeeding and get your baby ready for the next stage- bottle-feeding.

•    Crib: A crib will be useful as the baby grows into a toddler capable of being naughty. It will keep them safe and secured inside while sleeping. And if you plan to co-sleep with the baby then definitely get a dot-a-tot to avoid the risk of SIDS. Check it out here.

Some extras you may consider are play mats, pacifiers (in case your baby’s a crier), wraps, blanket, feeding pillow, baby lounger and a baby swing. 

My Top 3 Choices For Baby Registries

I’d definitely rate Target, Walmart and Amazon as my top 3 baby registry sites. Out of these, I would choose Amazon as they have a plethora of options to browse and select from online. I was heavily dependent on online stores, so Amazon fit the bill even more. I also considered adding gift cards to the registry, just in case I needed something later but would love to get the funds now. Considering the brand is well-known and accessible across the country, I preferred making a baby registry on Amazon so my friends and family would find it easier- and if I didn’t like it in the end, I could return it within 90 days! The other options would be to browse through Walmart and Target’s online stores before planning your baby registryTarget is a popular choice for baby registry in the USA.

Baby registry planning is hectic but such a blessing when pulled off right because it brings in all the extra thingamajigs that you’ll need to be called an ace parent.

You can thank me later for this piece of advise too! 🙂

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