Part 1- Maternity and Paternity Leave Phase

You start believing in miracles when they befall upon you after years of yearning; yes, I had been secretly longing to embrace motherhood for the 2nd time for many years but it happened when I least expected it!

Miracle he is, my 2nd born, who helped me beat my apprehensions and race my way up to the pinnacle of happiness! Today he bundles his little contended self up on my lap and smiles with his eyes closed! At that priceless moment, I know that life can’t be more perfect than this!
Everything is different this time. My partner and I are more matured and more prepared than we were 10 years back and we have all the time in the world for both our boys. We are away from our extended family but closer to one another, the four of us! Life is simple and blissful with no set routine yet it feels more complete than ever before!


Waking up every 3 hours in the night feels facile when your partner rouses you up in the morning with a hot cup of tea and warm breakfast! While this itself is the newest thing in our 12 years of marriage, something else that’s new is us sitting placidly, welcoming the warmth of the morning sun and making those aimless small talks that we haven’t made for the last decade.


Cooking together on weekends after a tiring week of work feels so make-believe after what I am living now! My partner as the head chef and I as his helper, create a new and delectable entree everyday! We then plater it, like we would do only when we have guests come over, and wait for our elder son to arrive! Eating every single meal together with the older one narrating tall tales of his increasing popularity amongst his friends at school has become a happy custom!


Evening Walk

Half sprinting, half walking around a still and beautiful lake with both the boys by our sides, we make the best of every evening! After sweating it out for an hour, we retire at a coffee shop nearby. While our elder son stuffs his mouth with muffins and chips and our little one sleeps peacefully in his stroller, we take small drags at our drinks making tall future plans. A new evening, a new plan! And though this seems to be going in a loop every single day, it is not wearing! Because right now all we care about is making conversation, and lots and lots of it, something that we have not had the time for, in the past!

In these two months, what I have realized is, when inflated plans are made for the sake of gossip, when evening walks are meant for leisure and not to achieve fitness goals, and fancy meals are cooked each day to amuse oneself, life is happening.

Sooner than later, we will once again join everyone in the mad race for survival, but until then, all I want is to lose myself in these magical moments!

P.S: Part 2 of the blog to be released in a few months once we are both back at work 😉

Sujata Sharma

An avid reader and a writer, I thrive on my linguistic skills. My ability to write just about anything is what I showcase here!


Indrani Mukherjee · May 19, 2019 at 7:35 pm

Loved reading this Sujata, relish every moment, these moments are sooooo precious

Rakesh Sharma · May 21, 2019 at 4:17 am

Use of words and ur linguistic ability just nailed the article. Good luck di..explore more

OLIVIA thompson · May 21, 2019 at 7:24 pm

very well written

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