What a bump! Phew!

Nah, not talking about the pregnancy bump this time; a kind of bump you feel while cruising on an arterial highway engulfed by self-assurance and smelling like teen spirit (heard the song by Nirvana?); a bump that jolts you back to reality, the reality you have been living for years, and slows you down for a while! But does it ever stop you? No! Soon you get hold of the gears and this time you don’t just cruise, you start soaring on the road!

My visit to India to attend a family wedding was a bump in my fitness journey, a bump that jolted me back to the life I have been living for years (and to be honest, I totally enjoyed the food, the drinks and the company of my family and friends, a much needed treat for the soul); and did it slow me down in my strength-building journey?

Yes, it did!

But have I given up?

No way!

You don’t give up when it is your health and fitness at stake!

From the moment I embarked on this strength building journey, I have always known that I don’t just want to age gorgeously, I also want to stay fit, active and mobile till I live!

And to achieve that I had to restart and get back on track!

But it wasn’t easy to start from where I had left! The hangover of the mouth watering Kolkatta cuisine lasted for at least a week! Starting the day with sweet ginger tea and ending it with Kolkatta style ‘meetha paan’ was too much to let go of! The parathas, pooris, rice, fish and meat in between had done their job well in adding all the unwanted extra pounds that I had been trying to avoid for more than a month before I landed there. And to add to all this was jet lag! A full 2 weeks of getting up every morning with a very weak resolution to hit the gym and doing nothing about it!

At the end of the second week I spoke to my trainer, Swapnali, and told her that getting back to the gym was out of question now, gave a lot of excuses, genuine ones but excuses nevertheless! She empathized with me, what else could she do, but did not give up on me like I did! Next day, she sent me a set of new workouts that I could do at home and still continue to enhance my core strength. I watched all the videos sitting propped up on my bed! Most of these exercises were resistance band based! I ordered one immediately from Amazon, got up from the bed, wore my gym gear and just left for the gym. That’s it, I was done sitting and piling up excuses after excuses! That was the beginning of the 3rd week and I haven’t stopped!

The first thing on my mind when I get up in the morning is to plan my day in such a way that I can include at least 40 minutes of workout, and I have been successful!

The resistance bands have arrived too! Will start putting them to use soon!

Resistance Band

Have I lost any weight in these 2 weeks? No!

But do I feel energized and stronger? Yes!

Losing weight and inches is just a matter of time but building strength is what will stay with me forever! And for that inculcating a healthy lifestyle is the cry of the hour!

Let me share the home workout chart with you! If anyone of my readers want to workout but cannot go to the gym, you can try these exercises at home!

Whole body routine
ExerciseSets Reps
Knee push-ups or420
Chair Dips315
Wall Sit330 sec hold each time
Jumping Squats415
Standing Calf raises315
Jumping jacks415
Leg Flutters420
V Sit-ups415
Leg Raises420
Planks5Hold as long as you can

Now, you may think, is exercising enough?

Almost! By almost I mean I don’t believe in starving myself! I eat what I eat but I just try to keep it healthy and avoid unnecessary junk! This is how my everyday diet looks:

  • I eat sausages/ham, beans, cheese, eggs usually with just one slice of bread for breakfast.
  • For lunch I eat rice/2 chapatis with lentils,well sauteed veggies, chicken/fish/cottage cheese and repeat the same for an early dinner, 7 PM to be precise.
  • For in between snacks I eat fruits(any) and nuts, mostly almonds and walnuts.
  • I drink milk coffee 2 to 3 times a day, sans sugar though!You can use stevia, it’s in vogue!

And that’s it! How much more can a person eat! And let me tell you, this is not the diet prescribed to me by my trainer! That diet left me hungry and I cannot stay hungry!

I indulge in occasional snacking too (crackers with dips), especially during the weekends, but that’s how it is!

Now, you may think, this is exactly why I haven’t lost any weight for past 2 weeks. I beg to defer! I have been on the same diet from the very beginning of my journey and I did lose weight and inches, remember? So, it’s not because of the diet! May be I am just gaining muscles! May be something else! And I realized this is how it’s going to be!

Therefore, if you decide to set out on this journey of fitness, don’t expect to look like a sleek model in a month or 2! Just focus on inculcating a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that will keep you fit even at your grey hair days! And you never know, by the end of your first year, you may end up inviting awes and glares 😉

So, just take one step at a time! Go slow but do not stop because you are as important as all your responsibilities!

Until next time, stay healthy and fit!

Also, watch out for my next post where I will be cataloging all the different exercises using the resistance band (personal workout log) and it’s impact on my body and muscle strengthening. Along with the pros I will also list out the cons and some must-take precautions!

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Sujata Sharma

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Indrani · August 19, 2019 at 8:10 pm

Another masterpiece. It’s very motivating indeed. The thing I liked best is not starving yourself, coz I feel it’s not sustainable. The moment you start back on regular diet pounds come running. It’s always better to keep a normal diet and lose weight by exercising. Kudos to you.

    Sujata Sharma · August 19, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Thank you Indrani di! Means a lot! And yes starving as you age is a very bad idea. It causes other health issues too!

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