We all have that one hero in our lives, the one person that we would always look up to no matter how tall we grow – our fathers!

Humble, honest, unpretentious, easygoing, best friends ever, that is how I describe fathers. The busiest people in our lives who never feel the overbearing need to express their struggle in playing the role of a father, a husband, a son and a brother everyday. They just go out there in the world and fight the battle for survival so that their families can stay warm and happy! They protect and shield their loved ones from the filth and ugliness around them!

As boys, they too must had the dream to live their lives at their own accord, with the freedom to do things their way without worrying about the consequences. But with the arrival of the little ones, they sacrifice their boyhood desires and aspirations and shift their focus on bringing up little ladies and gentlemen! And what’s the best part? They never talk about their scuffles, their effort in the act of balancing work and family life! They do their best and yet expect no appreciation in return!

I have had the privilege of knowing some of the best fathers in the world – my father, my uncles, my father-in-law, my friends and the bestest yet, my better half! These men may be lousy husbands, or so their wives say 😉 but they are the best daddies that I have known! So everyone I know and I don’t, Father’s day is our opportunity to tell these men that we understand all that they do for us and love them for their hard-work and modesty!

Here are 10 best gift ideas for Father’s Day (My elder son’s and my choice for our daddies)

  1. Coffee Mug: My sonny thinks that a coffee Mug with an apt father’s day quote is a great gift for his daddy. It is a popular gift idea and rightly so! He thinks his daddy can keep the mug on his work desk at office or at home. It’s a gift that will make him feel loved and remind him that he is the only hero that my boy has! You can also buy a plain coffee mug and personalize it by imprinting a family pic with a special message on it! My sonny did it for the last Father’s Day!
  2. Matching T-Shirt for Fathers and Kids: Another idea that my elder son has been pondering about is to buy matching T-shirts for his daddy, his little brother and himself with a special Father’s Day message on it! You should think about it too.
  3. Electronics: According to me, all men love electronics and my hubby is no exception! I have been trying to list out everything that my hubby has been thinking of buying recently. I will gift him something special for being a great dad! It could be a camera, speakers or an Apple watch! Help me decide, please!
  4. Sun Glares: My daddy has always been a man of minimal needs! I have never seen him buying anything for himself, forget asking for something! But this time, after a lot of pestering, he confessed that he has been feeling the need to get himself Sun Reading Glasses! Well, that’s exactly what I will gift him for Father’s Day!
  5. Perfumes: A good perfume always makes a great gift, especially if his favorite perfume is running out and you know he cannot do without it!
  6. Tool Kit: A tool kit is to men what make-up accessories is to women. They love upgrading it at every opportunity! Why not gift one!
  7. Wine: Wine and cheese make a great combination. Celebrating this special evening with his favorite wine and a wooden cheese board decked up with assorted cheese and snacks can turn out to be a great treat!
  8. Spa: Men need a spa treat too! Book him an all-in-one spa and let him spend a relaxing day pampering himself!
  9. Gift card: Now this is our daddy’s preference! He likes choosing his gift himself! I don’t know about letting him choose his gift but I will definitely consider giving him a gift card to his favorite eatery! A great present for a foodie soul!
  10. Hand-made card: One thing that my son gifts my husband every year and will gift this year too is a card carved out of colored paper, decked up with glitters or stickers and expressing his love for his father in his beautiful writing! Like they say, money can’t buy the best things in the world and a hand-made card is one of them!

I hope the list that I have collated helps you to decide what you would like to give the special men in your life! Do share your ideas with me in the comment box and I will add it to my list! Also, check out Amazon and Target for Father’s Day gift ideas.

Once again, to all the father’s around the world, Happy Father’s Day! Continue to be your son’s first hero and your daughter’s first love!

Sujata Sharma

An avid reader and a writer, I thrive on my linguistic skills. My ability to write just about anything is what I showcase here!

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