As a dad of a newborn, I always wondered about how I can help with taking care of my child. I definitely could help in nappy changing, bathing and all that jazz, but I was pretty sure I could do more than just that. My wife was not able to produce enough milk for our child, so we had to switch to bottle-feeding quickly. Due to this, the cluster span for feeding was 15 minutes. That’s where I stepped in, a man on a mission, bottle feeding a newborn baby. Now here’s my version of a bottle feeding guide. 


Bottle feeding your newborn is not the toughest but not the most straightforward job a dad could do. With the help of my wife (they have an instinct about these things), I rounded up my supplies.

Getting the perfect bottle: I never thought that selecting the right bottle for the baby could be so difficult and time consuming. After trying almost all the popular brands that Google and Amazon recommends, I accidentally found this hidden gem in CVS pharmacy. Lansinoh infant feeding bottles that usually come with Lansinoh breast pumps is what worked for my baby! What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, the nipples! My smart sonny would gnaw on the soft nipples that most of the bottles come with! Making him drink out of them was like playing a game with him. But Lansinoh bottles have solid nipples that sit firmly inside my baby boy’s mouth, forcing him to focus on drinking milk and not just pushing it around with his jaws and tongue.

Now, that’s not very technical, but in very simple and straightforward language, that’s our reason for choosing Lansinoh over other feeding bottles! Mind you, we tried 3 other brands before settling with this one! 😎

There are of course a few other things you must consider before choosing the perfect feeding bottle for your little one! I will list out the same in the ‘Guidelines’ below!

Sterilizing: Sterilizing the bottle is very important since a newborn is more susceptible to infections than an older person. You could sterilize the bottle top by either boiling it or steaming it. Water in California is good, hence sterilization may not seem necessary. But if you have even the slightest doubt, go ahead and sterilize!

A variety of microwave safe bottle sterilizers are available in the market. They are convenient to use and give the desired results!

Milk: You could always use powder formula or ready-to-use baby milk. If you are using the powder formula, for every 2 ounces of water, you need to mix 1 scoop of the formula powder (read the instructions or consult your doc to be sure). I preheat the water for 10 seconds before mixing the powder. Once prepared the milk needs to be fed to the baby within 1 hour. After you have crossed that mark, just pour the milk down the sink! Baby’s health comes first!

If you are using the liquid formula, be sure to refrigerate the leftover. Next time you want to use it you have to warm it up by placing the feeding bottle (filled with the refrigerated liquid formula) in a bowl of hot water till it’s warm enough. It is not advisable to microwave the formula milk!

I preffered power formula milk for my boy over liquid formula just to avoid the pain of heating the refrigerated milk! Both are equally good, hence the choice is yours to make!

Finally, the thecnical guideline for buying a feeding bottle for your little one! 😀


Here’s my newborn bottle-feeding guide for your reference!

There are- taking a deep breath- basic bottles, anti-colic bottles, sterilized bottles, disposable sterilized bottles and glass feeding bottles. Understand the feeding pattern of your baby and then find which bottle is the best. Also look for preferable material, shape, disposability and venting, as in how fast or slow the milk comes out.

If your baby doesn’t catch on to the bottle fast enough, you will need a teat attachment which will mimic breastfeeding. There are different types, based on flow, size and material. One thing I noticed is if your child sputters the milk out, it’s too fast, if he/she falls asleep while feeding, it’s too slow. 

It’s important to make sure that the bottle you choose comes with a Naturalwave nipple that enables the same natural feeding actions learned at the breast, hence reducing nipple confusion!

All feeding bottles come with a small manual! Read the manual before you start using the bottle!

I hope this bottle-feeding guide for newborns can help dads and moms alike.

If you have any questions for me, bring them on by posting a comment below! I would love to help you out! 😊

Note: These blogs are not written with the intention of promoting any product! All the products mentioned in the blogs are genuinely used by us and we are simply sharing our experience! 

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