Teaching is one of the most giving professions and it is not everyone’s cup of tea! I am not sure if I was ever meant for it! But the 6 precious years spent at Brookfield High School as a teacher/trainer had touched me in ways that I could have never imagined! Only the endearing affection from children can do this to you! “What was it?” I think sometimes, That lead me to this path unknown Where chirping of the birds on trees, Would make me break into a song.   The song I sang, was sung by all, The stories I told, they all believed I think I knew, all I ought To fill these little minds with glee.   And now the day has come for me To leave these enthused smiles behind; Curious eyes that looked up at me, To scan what was on my mind.   I ask my soul, ‘Oh, tell me what….’ ‘What shall replace this joy of life!’ After hours of tearful search A small voice escapes from inside ‘Some joys are meant to stay with us, With us, in our memories, until we die’.  

Sujata Sharma

An avid reader and a writer, I thrive on my linguistic skills. My ability to write just about anything is what I showcase here!

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